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Which cover do you like better?

So, I've finished a new novel, hurrah! and I'd appreciate your help in choosing a cover.

The novel, TERMINATION OF SPECIES, is science fiction, set some years in the future. Anti-technology terrorists wreak unrelenting destruction when they get their hands on powerful military cyberattack AI software, forcing a life altering decision in hopes of saving the very existence of humanity. Against this backdrop, Weston Foard must juggle a championship chess match while falling in love with Jasmina Simonis, the soulmate who would upend his life; Chris Giordano is writing a book about the best people on Earth while being stalked by a terrorist; and software genius Martin Sandoval is recruited to work with a mysterious woman to disarm the terrorists' software while trying to prevent his prosthetic arm from going amok. It's about the future of humanity, AIs, biotech, immortality, the perils of technology, a bit of chess, a bit of humor, a bit of romance, a bit of philosophy on how society would deal with immortality and much more. Fairly timely with the rise of ChatGPT, Bard, and so on.

That said... Left cover, or right?

Email me your thoughts at the usual address or use my web contact form.