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Aburt's Photo Gallery

Aburt's Photo Gallery

We've traveled to over 40 countries and I'm pretty sure more than one planet, based on some of the odd things we've seen... Here are some of my favorite photos.

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This is from our recent trip to Mars. (Actually, it's a picture I took of the inside of Haleakala, a volcano on Maui. But it sure looks alien, doesn't it?)
No, this is not a shot after an earthquake or bridge collapse. This is a lifesize art exhibit in Vancouver at Expo '86.
Expo Art
I thought about using this as a background, but the pictures probably wouldn't look so hot on top of this. Not to mention it would squish all the little (big) Koi fish, of which this is a picture.
Koi fish
Here's a wall mural we saw in Pictou, Nova Scotia, where we went on vacation in July of 1996. Nova Scotia was settled by Scots, hence the kilts & bagpipes. The small building at the end of the road in the picture is on Pictou's main street. As you can guess, Pictou is not a very large place. I highly recommend Nova Scotia for vacation, though. Coming from Denver where it's build build build, Nova Scotia's lack of feverish growth was refreshing. Very peaceful.
Mural in Pictou
Across the Northumberland Straight from Nova Scotia lies Prince Edward Island. This far north you'd expect it to be all cold and snowy, eh? PEI is gorgeous, though. This is a farm by the home of Lucy Maud Montgomery (author of the Anne of Green Gables stories); her relatives still live there. The striking thing about PEI is that for all the green of the land, the soil is just as brightly red.
Prince Edward Island
While we were on PEI, we were invited to a local "shindig". Locals played local music, having the audience join in with, shall we say, unusual instruments. One fellow in this picture is playing a wooden marionette-like gimmick.
Planes land almost on your head on the beach in St. Martin
Plane Landing on Beach
Basically, don't do anything. Nothing. Don't read this sign. (at the Peter and Paul Fortress in St. Petersberg, Russia)
Do Nothing sign
We get some snow around here...
Snow Snow
Ancient Roman tombstones, at the Chiesa Santa Maria in Trestevere in Rome
Roman Tombstones
Sneaking through the Panama Canal
Panama Canal transit
Feed the baby sloth, anyone? This was in Costa Rica.
Baby Sloth