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  • CEO, ReAnimus Press — a publisher specializing in bringing out of print books back into print; and offering ebook/print book production services. We work with bestselling and award-winning authors such as Ben Bova and Ursula K. Le Guin, offering the highest royalty rates of any publisher and cost-effective services such as scanning, OCRing, ebook creation, cover art, etc.
  • Founder of the world's first Internet service provider (; free, donation funded, & still going strong; the first ISP of any kind to serve the public, predating other ISPs by months)
  • Retired computer science professor, University of Denver (specializing in AI, networking/internet stuff, operating system design, security, and social impacts of computing)
  • CEO, TechSoft (custom web and software design company)
  • Science Fiction author
  • Founder & moderator of the first writers workshop on the web, (AKA "Critters"),
  • Former Vice President, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America
  • Former curator of "Preditors & Editors," after the untimely death of P&E's founder, Dave Kuzminski. (Was a non-profit organization and award-winning site dedicated to helping authors and artists avoid being scammed. Seems to have gone defunct under the new management, unfortunately.)
  • Genealogy buff; related to Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower and Jamestown colony, and a signer of the Mayflower Compact. Member of the Sons of the American Revolution. Pioneering and freedom-supporting genes seem to fit who I am.
  • Co-author of Atlanta Nights by "Travis Tea," one of the absolutely worst books ever written (intentionally!)
  • Open Source (and Open Fiction) advocate (profiled in Salon Magazine)
  • Coiner of the term Spiders to replace "hackers" — which never stuck :)
  • International Cable TV star
  • Pinball Repairman
  • Creator of the Programmer's Motto: "It Should Work!" :)

Research Interests

  • Networking, the Internet, Operating Systems
  • Cyber-Security
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence), Automated Explanations of Algorithms
  • Computer Algebra / Symbolic Computation
  • Social impacts of computing, especially First Amendment issues

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